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BMW recalls 235k Minis over pump fault

BMW has announced it will recall a total of 235,000 Minis worldwide because of a fault with an electric water pump. Minis produced between March 2006 and January...

HiGear luxury car sharing site closed by theft

HiGear, the peer-to-peer luxury and exotic car sharing service based in San Francisco, announced it is shutting down as a result of recent thefts involving their cars. A...

Man wins Lamborghini, crashes it 6 hours later

A truck driver in Santaquin won a Lamborghini Murcielago supercar, the top prize of a "Joe Schomo to Lambo" contest organised by Maverik and The stunning lime...

Supercar crash most expensive of all time

14 supercars were involved in a huge crash in Japan on Sunday. Including 8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes and a Lamborghini, the damage is estimated at almost $3.9 million,...

TomTom Top Gear satnav shelved

Only last week TomTom announced the release of a new Top Gear branded satnav. A special edition of the TomTom Go Live personal satnav, the gadget features Top...

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